Operation & Maintenance

A septic system is an investment, one that is best served with knowledgeable support. At Woody’s we keep our clients powerfully informed and provide the services to maintain their investment. This website educates users, our staff provide inspections, and perform simple repairs to increase the functionality, and longevity, of all septic system types.

We offer an Operation & Maintenance Program that meets county regulations and provides peace of mind to property owners. We do annual, or quarterly inspections, and perform ongoing maintenance on your system to keep it running as designed.

For those required to submit annual reports with the county, our licensed staff perform thorough inspections, and file all necessary paperwork to keep your system within compliance.

In the event of an alarm, or system concern, we are fully informed, making us able to take swift action to resolve any upset and keep your system functioning properly.

Septic Do’s & Don’ts

Septic systems can be a silent force in our lives, UNTIL they fail. Like all successful systems, it is education and ongoing care that makes all the difference. Below you will find a list of the best practices our experts have found to be the most effective in promoting healthy living with a septic system… Continue reading Septic Do’s & Don’ts

EPA Guidelines

When in doubt, consult a higher authority … that is our motto. We at Woody’s follow the EPA Septic System Guidelines, and if you want to dig deep to expand your knowledge, we provide them here for your reference and use. A useful resource for all septic users, so we’ve provided links helpful and relevant… Continue reading EPA Guidelines

Inspections & Pumping

Permits require inspections. Manufactures recommend them. Your peace of mind appreciates them when that alarm unexpectedly sounds. Our licensed septic technicians inspect with integrity and provide confidence your septic system is functioning in the highest order. We can perform general maintenance as needed (by request), and leave the pumping to the pros. Do you need… Continue reading Inspections & Pumping

System Failure?

Toilets not flushing, cesspuddles forming in your yard are indicative of a septic failure. Alarms are annoying, failures are alarming, and can be disruptive to our lives. We at Woody’s are here for you, no matter how simple, or systemic the solution. Either call us at the number linked in below, or use the contact… Continue reading System Failure?