Property Development

New to the Peninsula? Interested in purchasing property, and uncertain of your options? Woody’s Septic Specialties are local experts, they perform required inspections, design systems, handle permits, develop the land, install your septic, and hookup the utilities. Woody’s staff walk you through it all, and before you know it, you’re living life at the beach …

The process can be complicated, so our staff supports you through the four steps outlined below.

Property & Soil Evaluations

Just like every new path in life, there are steps to be taken along the way. The first is to assess the current state of the property, and discover your responsibilities. We at Woody’s are licensed septic inspectors. With updated regulations in mind, our inspections will provide the necessary knowledge to support the purchase, or… Continue reading Property & Soil Evaluations

Septic Design Services

Once the transfer is complete, we work with design engineers to determine the septic type that best fits site conditions, meets regulatory requirements, and provides optimal results for our clients. Be it brand new construction, or bringing an already existing system up to code, we’ve got the expertise to design what is necessary for permit… Continue reading Septic Design Services

Permit Assistance

With professional designs in hand, the next step is to apply for a county permit. The county ordinances are thorough and having a design engineer’s report is a requirement for approval. We at Woody’s are on your team. We work with the designer and county to get approval for your septic needs in as timely… Continue reading Permit Assistance

Site Development & Installs

Once you’re all approved to break ground, the real fun begins. Finally, Woody’s site development crew will clear the land, lay the foundation, install your septic system, and hookup your utilities. No matter the project big, or small, we are onsite doing the necessary labor to bring your future home into existence with velocity and… Continue reading Site Development & Installs