Site Development & Installs

Once you’re all approved to break ground, the real fun begins. Finally, Woody’s site development crew will clear the land, lay the foundation, install your septic system, and hookup your utilities. No matter the project big, or small, we are onsite doing the necessary labor to bring your future home into existence with velocity and integrity.

Site Clearing

Before construction can truly begin on any site, the site needs clearing. Woody’s Septic Specialties has all of the necessary equipment and expert skills to tame back nature for your new home. With the future development in mind, we remove debris, and dig to create the foundation for your future.

New Construction

It’s time to build your dream home at the coast. You’ve bought the lot, designed the house, selected the perfect septic system to handle all your family guests, passed the permit process, and now it’s time to break ground. Woody’s has decades of experience to make that dream come to life and is excited to… Continue reading New Construction

Mobile Home

Why are they called ‘mobile homes’, when they are anything but mobile. However they got their name, we at Woody’s Septic Specialties give the same professional service to the installation of your future ‘mobile’ home. We lay a firm foundation, install a sufficient septic, and hookup your utilities, so you can move in with confidence.

RV Lot & Utility Hookups

What we all wouldn’t give to have our own private RV lot at the beach. Well, with Woody’s technical support, we walk you through permitting to lot preparation. We install the infrastructure necessary for freedom and ease. Just park, hookup, and RELAX at the beach!