Inspection Request Form

Please fill in the necessary information below and Woody’s will be in communication.

As part of our inspection, Woody’s staff will visit the property, complete all necessary forms, submit the paperwork to the county, pay the processing fee of $60 (included on your invoice), and send the results to all email addresses specified on this form.

Additional Fees will be added if staff is unable to locate/access tanks, and/or wells, from information submitted via this form. Inspectors require tanks to be uncovered, and readily accessible. You will be charged for any landscaping performed. Please be thorough in descriptions of locations, and instruct property owner to provide access to tanks/wells to expedite the inspection process.

If tanks need to be pumped, the inspector will specify it within the results.

For your convenience, we provide numbers and links to pumping companies on our Inspections & Pumping Page.