Operation & Maintenance Program

Caring for your septic system may not be the first thing you think of when considering maintenance schedules. We take our vehicles in for regular maintenance to ensure they run properly. The same should be done for you septic system.

The recommendation to keep your septic system in good working order is to have it inspected yearly and pumped every 1 to 5 years depending on usage and accumulation of solids. Maintenance is the best way to keep your system working properly for many years.

Woody’s Septic Specialties prides itself in caring for your septic system and ensuring that it is working properly. Our annual Operational & Maintenance Contract includes inspections and maintenance necessary to maintain your septic system.

This contract includes the following maintenance:

  • Inspection & cleaning of risers, lids, baffles, filter, splice box, floats, and pump.
  • Replacement of missing lid screws.
  • Measurement & tracking of accumulated solids (scum and sludge levels) in tanks.
  • Notification of when pumping is NEEDED.
  • Inspection of the distribution network in a pressure drainfield system, including all electrical components, settings, and piping.
  • Locating & cleaning of cleanout buckets.
  • Testing of Lateral Squirt Heights.
  • Flushing and jetting the drainfield laterals as needed, or
  • Inspecting the distribution box and drainfield in a gravity system.

Would you like to feel confident that your system is working properly and have a professional on call in case you have any problems, or alarms? Then this Operation & Maintenance Contract is for you.

For property that requires annual inspections be reported to the county, we fill out the necessary forms, submit the paperwork to the county, pay the processing fee of $60 (included on your invoice), and send the results to all specified parties.

Please contact us for more information, or to sign up for this service.

We look forward to discussing this with you and helping you with your septic needs.